CIT (Counselor in Training) Program (July 7-19, 2019)


Ages 16-17 ($725)

A two-week training to prepare our next generation of camp leaders. Accepted participants will learn and practice the skills needed to work at camp with both our traditional school aged campers and our adult campers with developmental disabilities. There will also be a 2 night out of camp trip. 


Session One: Water Fun (July 7-12, 2019)

A week of all things water!  We will be spending most of our time at camp swimming, playing water games, boating, slipping and sliding.  Traditional Campers aged 6-10 will be taught swim lessons by a WSI Instructor. Plus enjoy all of the "land" activities as well like sports, crafts, ice-cream making, tie-dye, cookouts, campfires, and more!

Traditional Camp: Ages 9-12 ($475) 
-Ages 9 & 10 - FULL
-Ages 11 & 12 - 2 SPACES - MALE

Pine Camp: Ages 30-49 ($600)
-Male - FULL
-Female - FULL

Pioneer Camp: Ages 6-8 ($190)
-Session A: Sunday-Tuesday - 1 SPACE - MALE
-Session B: Wednesday-Friday - 1 SPACE - MALE

Session Two: Arts & Music (July 14-19, 2019)


Join us at camp for a week of songs, drama, dance and art! Visiting music teachers, performers and artists will help make this week full of building foundational skills in the arts, while also having a ton of fun. On Friday our campers will present their art work and perform in a show for parents.  Plus they will enjoy all of the typical camp activities swimming, boating, sports, crafts and more! 

Traditional Camp: Ages 9-12 ($475) 
- Ages 9 -10 - 1 SPACE - MALE
- Ages 9-10 - FULL - FEMALE
- Ages 11 -12 - 4 SPACES - MALE
- Ages 11 -12 - 4 SPACES - FEMALE

Pine Camp: Ages 30-49 ($600)
-Male & Female - FULL

Pioneer Camp: Ages 6-8 ($190)
-Session A: Sunday-Tuesday - FULL
-Session B: Wednesday-Friday - 2 MALE SPACES

Session Three: Culinary Camp (July 21-26, 2019)

Do you love to cook, bake or even just eat? This week we will be exploring all things FOOD.  Campers will participate in tending to our brand new camp garden, picking berries on camp or at a local farm, making ice-cream, experimenting with outdoor cooking and learning kitchen safety. Plus they will enjoy all of the typical camp activities swimming, boating, sports, crafts and more! 


Traditional Camp: Ages 9-15 ($475) 
- Ages 11 -12 - 5 SPACES - MALE
- Ages 11 -12 - 3 SPACES - FEMALE

Pine Camp: Ages 16-29 ($600)
-Male - 3 SPACES
-Female - 1 SPACES

Two-Week Teen Session (July 21-August 2, 2019)

A new DOUBLE session for our teen campers.  Begin your 2-week session with Culinary Camp and continue your time at camp through Night Owl week.  The session will be inclusive of the weekend between session and will include 2 night out of camp trip. 

Traditional Camp: Ages 13-15 ($825) - FULL

Session Four: Owl Camp (July 28-August 2, 2019)

A long-time favorite!  Traditional Campers aged 11 & 12 will work together to solve a week-long mystery, stay up late, sleep in and cook a late campfire breakfast each morning. Traditional Campers aged 13 - 16 will stay up even later, cooking a late night snack over the campfire and sleep in every morning beginning their day with lunch. Night-time focused activities will include flashlight tag, glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee, stargazing and night hikes.  Plus enjoy all of the daytime fun Camp Whitman has to offer like swimming, boating, sports, crafts and more!  Bedtimes and activities will vary by age.

Traditional Camp: Ages 11-15 ($475)
Ages 11 & 12

Pine Camp: Ages 30 - 49 ($600)
-Male - FULL
-Female - 1 SPACE

Session Five: Helping Hands Week (August 4-8, 2018)

 Senior Pine Camp: Ages 50-65 ($600)
-Male - FULL
-Female - 1 SPACE

A program for our oldest campers with developmental disabilities.  Campers will receive additional support with a 2 to 1 camper to staff ratio and specially adapted programs.

*Note: this program is 4 nights only. 




Mission Trip Base Camp: Ages 11-15
-Male - 2 SPACES
-Female - 2 SPACES

Each day youth will volunteer at an area work site (projects may include painting, cleaning, gardening, etc.) and return to camp each afternoon for swimming, games, dinner and campfire worship time.  All meals are included.  

*Note: this program is 4 nights only.